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Logistxs Order Processing
We provide Logistxs customers with the ability to TRACK the delivery status of an order.  Just ask us to sign you up for our web tracker , and start getting your delivery information on-line, anytime.

:  The below form will search our database and provide delivery details about your shipment.  If you are a  WebID client, NEEDING TO TRACK YOUR SHIPMENTS, make sure you supply us with a PO NUMBER, when you provide us with the freight shipment information.  Each shipment MUST have a unique PO number.  Please type your PO Number and your WebID number. One PO per search please.
      YOUR PO#                        WEB ID#

I need to get information on ANOTHER SHIPMENT.

Logistxs provides ON-LINE TRACKING information on specific shipments.  In order to view your delivery information you will need to use a secure WebID number provided  to you as a regular Logistxs customer.

If you do not have a WebID number, call our office, and one will be issued - to your company.  Please use your secure WebID account number to retrieve shipment information.  This page will display the delivery information when you have your PO# number and your WebID number.

Please keep your WebID number, confidential.  Just like a social security number provides information about you, your WebID number can provide shipment details about your company's orders.

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